Rare Birds

Forgotten Aircraft of the Second World War

Charles R. G. Bain

The untold stories of some of the rare, strange, or forgotten, aircraft of the Secomd World War-drawn from all the fighting nations.
Date Published :
September 2016
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
78 photographs 34 in color
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781555248
Pages : 240
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6.15 inches
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The Second World War saw the apex of piston-engine aircraft design, and ushered the world into the jet age. Anybody who studies aviation will know the names: Spitfire, Mustang, Zero, Messerschmitt, Shturmovik. But there were many more aircraft to take to the skies before and during the war, and frequently their stories remain unknown. This book seeks to tell those stories, to bring to the fore the forgotten warbirds. From the valiant Poles fighting the might of the Luftwaffe in their obsolescent craft, to the varied and excellent craft of the French Armée De l’Air, to the graceful craft of Italy’s Regia Aeronautica. With stops around the globe, this book seeks to tell the tales of the forgotten or the doomed or the never-quites. The stories of these aircraft, drawn from Allies and Axis nations alike, bring forth a fuller picture of aviation during the greatest airborne conflict in world history. Telling these stories will give readers an interesting, and informative, look into the past—with personal reflections and a call to arms for the study of history itself.

About The Author

Charles Bain was born in Windsor, Ontario. A life-long enthusiast of aviation, he pursued an Honours and Master’s degree in History from the University of Windsor, as well as a degree in Education. His interests are wide-ranging, but the history of flight is, and will remain, his first historical love. He spends his spare time reading voraciously, and speaking on history to audiences of all ages. He relishes the chance to discuss and debate historical topics, and seeks to encourage contact with historical knowledge. This is his first published book on the topic of aviation.

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