Realistic Armor Finishing Techniques

Marcus Nicholls

Date Published :
December 2007
Publisher :
Series :
Expert Model Craft
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Thousands of modelers aspire to recreate perfect AFVs complete with those magical final details that exactly replicate the true weathered appearance of the vehicles in active condition.

In Realistic Armor Finishing Techniques world famous modeler and editor of Tamiya Model Magazine International, Marcus Nicholls, shows us many of his award-winning techniques including paint chipping and bruising, German Panzer gray coloring, rust, dust, track finishing, the ‘hairspray technique’ and much more.

A highly detailed menu lists each topic for quick and easy navigation whilst the DVD pause facility allows you to stop the action at any time to appreciate in close detail each step and the finished astonishing models.

Main program approx. 58 minutes

PLUS – these great DVD Extras:

· Profile of Marcus Nicholls
· Model panorama
· Correcting common mistakes
· List of products used or recommended
· Sources, reference and bibliography

Total running time: approx. 100 minutes


"I highly recommend this DVD to all you modelers who think you know all the tricks and to all those who wish they knew they tricks of producing an outstanding model."

- AMPS, April 2008

"As the featured modeler in the Master Class Model Building Videos series, I have learned a thing or two about producing modeling videos in the last few years. So, it is with some degree of authority, that I can state that "Realistic Armor Finishing Techniques” is an excellent addition to the available library of how-to modeling DVDs...a tremendous product ... something here for almost any modeler of military hardware"

- IPMS, April 2008

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