To War with Bomber Command

George Dunn, Ferris Newton, Steve Darlow

The Second World War biography of Bomber Command pilot George Dunn DFC L d'H and flight engineer Ferris Newton DFM.
Date Published :
June 2021
Publisher :
Fighting High Publishing
Illustration :
16 pages of black and white photographs
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9780993415203
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.6 inches
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Bomber Command pilot George Dunn DFC L d’H completed forty four operations during the Second World War. George flew his first tour in 1943, on Handley Page Halifax bombers, during one of the most intense periods of the bombing war. Following two trips as a second pilot with No. 10 Squadron, to gain operational experience, George, accompanied by his usual flight engineer Ferris Newton DFM, then flew with No. 76 Squadron crew from May to October 1943, taking part in the Battle of the Ruhr, the Battle of Hamburg and the raid against the German secret weapon research station at Peenemünde. On completion of his tour, and a period as an instructor pilot, George then took up duties flying de Havilland Mosquitos, firstly with No. 608 Squadron and then with No. 1409 Met Flight.

In Resolute, the title being the No. 76 Squadron motto, George and Ferris describe in detail their journey from novice airmen, through training, to crewing up and operational duties. It was a time at which the attrition rates in the air battle over Germany were escalating and the odds were against completing a full tour. Despite the pressures of operations George, Ferris and the crew find time to enjoy life – to the full! In the latter stages of the war, George then recalls with fondness and admiration, the opportunity to fly Mosquitos.

Resolute is based on the detailed diary that Ferris kept during the war, and on accounts written by George, along with recorded interviews. Author Steve Darlow, with his extensive knowledge of the Bomber Command story, provides the context in which George, Ferris, and their crew went to war.

Illustrated with photographs, and images from George’s logbook, Resolute tells the gripping story of one crew’s fight for survival, and their contribution to the eventual defeat of Nazism.

About The Author

George Dunn DFC L d’H served with RAF Bomber Command as a pilot during the Second World War.

Ferris Newton DFM served with RAF Bomber Command as a flight engineer during the Second World War.

Steve Darlow is a Bomber Command historian and established military aviation author, with fourteen books to his name. Steve has made numerous radio and television appearances, and recently acted as program consultant on the BBC’s The Lancaster: Britain’s Flying Past and Channel 5’s War Hero in the Family (Robert Llewelyn). Steve is also an Ambassador of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.


"...put the reader in the cockpit of an RAF heavy bomber flying missions over the Ruhr valley, or the secret weapons base at Peenemunde, or over the European Alps at night. It contains sixteen pages of photographs (all black and white) and Dunn’s operational logbook entries. Since much of the book is written in the words of the British aircrew, there is a fair amount of British slang that may puzzle some readers, but this certainly adds to the richness of the stories."

- Military Review

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