L'alphabétisation durant l'âge du Fer germanique

Stephen Pollington

Date Published :
April 2019
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782840484929
Pages : 480
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French Text:

There are not many books on runes in French. Since Lucien Musset’s introduction to runology of 1955 very little has been published on this important and rich subject. This current volume hopes to provide an analysis and further understanding of the various strands of research on North European Runes. The author looks at current analysis of runic inscriptions and provides a new one of his own. He outlines the principle epigraphic sources of old Fubark of the Germanic Iron Age, placing them in their historic context. Also provided are analyses of Alu, Lauraz and Ota inscriptions. Understanding of these inscriptions also helps our comprehension of the mentality of these ancient Germans. The author, Stephen Pollington is best-known for his many books and articles on ancient Northern Europe. First published in English in 2016 this new French edition also has added new previously unpublished entries on recent French discoveries.

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