Sea Harrier - Falklands 40th Anniversary

Chris Sandham-Bailey

Date Published :
June 2022
Publisher :
Mortons Books
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Morton's Books
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781911639930
Pages : 132
Dimensions : 8.65 X 7.1 inches
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The Falklands War, beginning with the Argentine invasion of the islands on April 2, 1982, was a defining moment of the 1980s. It was also a defining moment for the British Aerospace Sea Harrier. The greatest threat to the British Tas k Force was the Argentine air force - which comprised A-4 Skyhawks, IAI Daggers, Mirage IIIs and particularly Super Etendards carrying Exocet anti-shipping missiles. The best defence against these was the Sea Harriers of 801 Squadron. Combat against the Argentines was the Harrier's finest hour and cemented its reputation as a combat aircraft. Our bookazine retells the story using profile art from Chris Sandham-Bailey. 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the conflict

About The Author

Leicestershire-based father of two Chris Sandham-Bailey comes from a family with strong ties to aviation and grew up in Somerset to the sound of Sea Harriers from Yeovilton (an aircraft he still has a passion for). An artist from an early age he has a degree in Art/History of Art, combining these two to produce several thousand profiles over the last decade for books and magazines along with commissions for the Luftwaffe and RAF. He has covered all aspects of aviation from the pre-war years to the latest, both civilian and military. When time allows he has also authored the text for articles and books. He claims his job is ‘just colouring in aircraft’ but this belies the huge amount of research and effort he puts into every one of his detailed and accurate designs.

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