Sherman Firefly

Peter Brown

The Sherman Firefly was fitted with the powerful 17-pdr anti-tank gun to counter German Tigers and Panthers. They saw extensive and successful service with British, Commonwealth and Polish forces from mid 1944. This book covers their development and use with 148 period black and white photos, original documents, 1/35th scale plans and colour plates
Date Published :
April 2020
Publisher :
Model Centrum Progres
Series :
Armor PhotoHistory
Illustration :
148 b&w photos, 8 pp 1/35 scale drawings, 29 technical sketches, 32 color plates
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788360672327
Pages : 88
Dimensions : 8.5 X 11 inches
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By the final stages of WWII the American Sherman had become the mainstay of British and Commonwealth armies. However German tanks had increased their armor thickness which mean its original 75 mm gun was no longer adequate. To counter this the 17-pdr anti-tank gun was fitted to many tanks, providing them with enough firepower to defeat the Tigers and Panthers. This book covers the Firefly’s development, production and service in British, Canadian, New Zealand, South African, Czechoslovak and Polish armies. It includes 148 period black and white photos, extracts from original documents, 1/35th scale plans and color plates. Its author has researched British AFVs for over 40 years, written two other books for Model Centrum Progres and contributed many articles to professional and modeling magazines. Includes: 88 pages, 148 b&w photos, 8 pp 1/35 scale drawings, 29 technical sketches, 32 color plates.


‘’The author is well known from his many articles in the modelling press, and has put together a very readable account of the modified Sherman. Altogether an excellent reference. Highly recommended.’’


‘’Publisher decided to focus on the most important things which will be handy for scale modelers. Moreover, it applies to all possible scales, so whether you plan to build 1/72 or 1/16 kit, there are some things you might use from this book. Let's hope they will bring more issues about other tanks in the future.’’

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