The Battle of Jutland Through German Eyes

Gary Staff

* 31st May 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of this pivotal battle

* Largest naval battle of the WW1, unique general action between dreadnought fleets

* Though tactically inconclusive, the battle was strategically decisive as the German High Seas Fleet failed to break out.

* Many aspects of the battle still controversial, much discussion of f
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December 2022
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Pen and Sword
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On 31 May 1916 The German High Seas Fleet clashed with the Royal Navy in the North Sea. The ensuing Battle of Jutland, known to the Germans as the Skaggerak Battle (der Skagerrakschlacht), was the most significant naval action of the First World War. Although not tactically decisive, the strategic result was that British naval supremacy in the North Sea went unchallenged for the rest of the war and the blockade of Germany remained in place.

Many works have dealt with this clash of titans, and many more will doubtless appear for the approaching centenary but the German perspective has been sorely neglected. Gary Staff aims to correct this. By cross-referencing both German and British official records and accounts he has established the most coherent narrative of the battle possible. But the bare bones of the timeline are fleshed out with eyewitness accounts from the crews of the German ships. The result is a gripping read that gives a real sense of the drama, tension and terror of being in battle inside one of these steel behemoths. The thoroughly researched and accessible text is supported by clear maps and a large number of archive photos, many never before published, showing the German vessels before, during and after the action.

About The Author

Gary Staff is a former airline pilot but he has been fascinated with naval history, and specifically with the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserlischmarine) for decades. He has visited archives in Britain, Germany and elsewhere to study, and often translate for the first time, official documents relating to this subject. His previous books for Pen & Sword are The Battle for the Baltic Islands 1917; Battle on the Seven Seas and German Battlecruisers of World War One. He lives in Australia.


"The material for this fascinating work has been culled from archives in Britain and Germany. Many of those too have been translated for the first time and published here. A volume thoroughly to be recommended to students of the naval history of WWI."

- Ships in Scale, November/December 2016

“The book goes through the battle with a minute by minute description of the events of the battle. It is also heavily populated with maps (an absolute necessity for naval battles)… This is an excellent addition to one's library, to see a different side and take on the events of the battle.”

- A Wargamers Needful Things

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