Special Forces Interpreter

An Afghan on Operations with the Coalition

Eddie Idrees

This book demands to be read and not just for its vivid and thrilling descriptions of Special Forces' operations.
Date Published :
May 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Editor :
Henry Wilson
Illustration :
16 black and white illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781526758507
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6 inches
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The first memoir of an Afghan interpreter with the Coalition who served with both US Special Forces and the SAS over an eight year period.

Eddie Idrees, a pseudonym for security reasons, has a fascinating and inspiring story to tell. Born in Afghanistan, he spent time as a refugee in Pakistan during the civil war dreaming of serving with the military. As this unique memoir reveals, his wishes came true in spades.

For eight years from 2004, Eddie worked as an interpreter with, first, American Special Forces before moving across to the Special Air Service. A veteran of over 500 operations, he describes the most notable ones including breaking into a Taliban prison to free prisoners about to be executed. He was the first Afghan interpreter to parachute in with the SAS.

His aim in writing his story is to explain the interpreter’s role and contribution and the challenges and threats they faced, not just from the Taliban. For all the media attention, these have never been fully understood.

Eddie concludes by describing his experiences and emotions on leaving his fractured and politically corrupt homeland and making a new life in the United Kingdom.

Special Forces Interpreter demands to be read and not just for its vivid and thrilling descriptions of Special Forces’ operations.

About The Author

Eddie Idrees (not his real name) was born in Kabul in 1985. His father was a colonel in the Afghan army and his mother a university lecturer. He went to school initially in Afghanistan before moving with his family, out of necessity during the civil war, to Peshawar, Pakistan for secondary and higher education.

From 2004 he worked for the Americans and US special forces before being assigned to the US Army Counter-Insurgency Academy in Kabul. In 2009 he was re-deployed to the British Special Air Service with whom he interpreted and operated until 2012.

He emigrated to the United Kingdom later that year. He has since gained a degree at a leading university and is currently studying for his Masters at another.


"The book provides an explanation of the Afghan interpreter’s role and contribution in the fight against the insurgents...Those who served with the military in Afghanistan will already be familiar with the important role that Afghan interpreters played during that conflict. For those that haven’t the book will provide insight as to why so many US and UK Afghan war veterans are so forceful in their arguments that the Afghan interpreters should be allowed entry into the United States."

- SOF News

"...a captivating story not only about Special Forces operations in Afghanistan, but also about human fortitude in difficult times."

- BookMarc

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