Spitfire Pilot

Roger Hall

Date Published :
July 2012
Publisher :
Illustration :
50 photographs
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• A stunningly evocative memoir of combat during the Battle of Britain.

• Includes some of the most graphic and atmospheric accounts of air combat between Spitfire and Nazi Messerschmitt fighters ever published.

• Very few memoirs available by Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots (considerably more by Hurricane pilots).

• Republication of a lost classic endorsed by Roger Hall's family and includes many family owned photographs never before reproduced.

The Battle of Britain memoir of Roger Hall, a Spitfire pilot in 152 Squadron based in the South East of England, the heart of the fighting during the epic battle. Roger recounts in exhaustive detail his own experience of air-to-air combat with Me109s and Me110s (he shot down three enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain), and that of his fellow pilots.

Hall had no compunction in revealing his fear of wartime flying. He strips away the veneer of glory, smart uniforms and wild parties and uncovers the ordinary, very human young men who lived a life in which there was no tomorrow. There is no nostalgia here.