SS Das Reich At War 1939-1945

History of the Division

Ian Baxter

Date Published :
September 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Images of War
Illustration :
250 photographs
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ISBN : 9781473890893
Pages : 160
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Between 1933 and 1939, the strength and influence of the SS grew considerably with thousands of men being recruited into the new ideological armed formation, many into units known as the SS-Verfgungstruppe (Special Disposal Troop). These troops saw action in Poland before switching to the Western Front in 1940. Out of this organisation the SS Das Reich Division was created.

This book, with its extensive text and over 250 rare and unpublished photographs with detailed captions describes the fighting tactics, the uniforms, the battles and the different elements that went into making the Das Reich Division such a formidable fighting force. The chapters reveal the Division as it battled its way through Poland, the Low Countries, the Balkans and the Eastern Front. Finally the Das Reich defended Normandy before falling back to Germany.

The Division gained its fearsome and notorious reputation for its fighting ability, often against vastly numerically superior forces, as well as its fanatical zeal.

About The Author

Ian Baxter is an avid collector of WW2 photographs. His previous books in this Series include Hitlers Boy Soldiers, Nazi Concentration Camp Commandants and German Army on the Eastern Front The Advance, German Army on the Eastern Front The Retreat and Nazi Concentration Camp Commandants, The Crushing of Army Group (North) and SS Leibstandarte Division At War. He lives near Chelmsford, Essex.

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