Strike Hard, Strike Sure

Ralph Barker

Date Published :
September 2003
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
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Although much has been written about the bomber offensive in World War II, surprisingly little has been told about the men that flew these bombers.

Here is the story of some of those men, a moving tribute to their great courage and heroism

About The Author

Ralph Barker joined the RAF in 1940 as a radio operator/air gunner and logged 2,000 flying hours before he was demobilised in 1946. He later rejoined the RAF and retired from it in 1961 to write full-time as a journalist on several leading British national newspapers. He has many well-known books to his name as has been widely acclaimed by reviewers.

Ralph Barker, passed away on the 20th June, ages 93.


"All these stories are eloquent of devotion and endurance...all are moving.They are told graphically without sensationalism."

- The Times Literary Supplement

"Tales of Supreme Bravery"

- Daily Telegraph

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