Sturmgeschütz III

Volume 2 - Variants, Modifications, Technical Drawings

Peter Müller

Date Published :
January 2010
Publisher :
History Facts
Illustration :
550 photographs, 20 graphs, 80 scale 1:35 drawings, book supplement: poster with tabulated overview of all visual characteristics
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9783952296851
Pages : 296
Dimensions : 11 X 8 inches
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The first volume of Assault Gun III - Backbone of the German Infantry puts the weapon into its historical context and provides information about the production and use of the Sturmgeschütz III in combat. Volume II provides information for identification of variants and their production months. Both volumes together will give the readers a full survey of the technical development of the Assault Guns and Assault Howitzers.

This second volume of Assault Gun III - Backbone of the German Infantry enables readers
- to identify the date of photographs,
- to restore vehicles to factory conditions
- to build exact models
The necessary information is broken down into 90 identifiable characteristics - all illustrated by photographs and presented in an easy approach. The usual troop modifications are discussed as well.

Additionally, there are many photographs of all variants, placed in chronological order as accepted by the Armament Office: 4-sided drawings in modeler scale 1:35 of all variants, Ausf G shown in four steps, fact tables and photographs. The drawings may be acquired in other scales via History Facts. The book supplement, a poster of 135 x 75 cm, presents all 90 characteristics in a tabulated overview. The documentation contains about 550 photographs, some of them previously unpublished, and about 100 drawings, most of them in modeler scale 1:35.

About The Author

The author, Peter Müller, is a Swiss citizen born in 1960, whose command experience as a Lieutenant Colonel and Director in large companies neatly complements his qualifications as a military historian. For the past quarter of a century, he has made detailed investigations of armaments issues in the 1914 - 1945 period. Combined with extensive studies of archived records, that background has allowed Peter Müller to present the subject matter of this book from a more differentiated perspective than hitherto.

The author challenges, links and complements key statements and opinions, thereby arriving at entirely new conclusions.


“…thorough and impeccably researched…two of the best vehicle history books I have ever seen.”

- Model Military

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