Sturmgeschütz III. Band 2: Erscheinungsbild

Rückgrat der Infanterie

Peter Müller, Wolfgang Zimmermann

Date Published :
December 2016
Publisher :
History Facts
Illustration :
550 photographs, 20 graphs, 80 scale 1:35 drawings, book supplement: poster with tabulated overview of all visual characteristics
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9783952296837
Pages : 296
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This second Volume of "Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry" enables the readers - to identify the date of photographs, - to restore vehicles to ex works conditions - to build exact models.The necessary information is structured in 90 externally visual characteristics - all illustrated by photographs. In addition the usual troop modifications are discussed too.As an important additional information there are a lot of photographs of all variants, placed in chronological order as accepted by the Armament Office. 4-side-drawings in modeller scale 1:35 of all variants, Ausf G shown in quarterly steps, round up the tables and photographs. The drawings may be acquired in other scales via HistoryFacts. Our documentation Assault Gun III . Backbone of the German Infantry, Volume II contains 296 pages of 20x28 cm. The book supplement, a poster of 135*75 cm, presents all 90 characteristics in a tabulated overview. The documentation contains about 550 photographs, some of them unpublished hitherto, and about 100 graphics, most of them in modeller scale 1:35 !

About The Author

The author, Peter Müller, is a Swiss citizen born in 1960, whose command experience as a Lieutenant Colonel and Director in large companies neatly complements his qualifications as a military historian. For the past quarter of a century, he has made detailed investigations of armaments issues in the 1914 - 1945 period. Combined with extensive studies of archived records, that background has allowed Peter Müller to present the subject matter of this book from a more differentiated perspective than hitherto.

The author challenges, links and complements key statements and opinions, thereby arriving at entirely new conclusions.

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