B-17G Flying Fortress

Malcolm Lowe

This book, fully illustrated with rare black and white photographs, charts the development and history of the B-17G, including its post-war service.
Date Published :
January 2023
Publisher :
Key Publishing
Series :
Historic Military Aircraft Series
Illustration :
Over 150
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781802823134
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 9.57 X 6.69 inches
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The B-17 Flying Fortress was conceived by the well-known US aviation designer and manufacturer Boeing during the 1930s, principally as a defensive weapon. Owing to the high levels of publicity it received during its service, it duly became a symbol of the Allied war effort. Indeed, the B-17 became one of the most important US aircraft of the war, and it played a major part in the Allied bombing campaign against Nazi Germany. Eventually, over 12,700 B-17s of all versions were built, with initial service test aircraft being delivered in 1937 and manufacture continuing until 1945, in several major series-produced variants and a host of related models and conversions. With over 150 photographs, this book specifically looks at the B-17G, which was the last major production version and played a significant part in the US strategic bombing campaign over Europe during the final years of World War Two. This book is a new edition of Combat Machines No. 1 B-17G Flying Fortress.

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