Japanese Aero-Engines 1910-1945

Mike Goodwin

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April 2017
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ISBN : 9788365281326
Pages : 240
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In this book the authors have endeavored to remedy the notable lack of comprehensive coverage. The development of all the many engines produced by Japanese aero-engine manufacturing companies from 1912 to 1945 is explored in detail, including a full explanation of the different systems used to identify them. Furthermore, the developments are related to the aircraft in which the various engines were used, including prototypes, flying test-beds, and changes in the make or type of engine during an aircraft’s operational service. In other words aircraft evolution in Japan is viewed in snapshots as it happened from the aero-engine aspect and not from the complete aircraft aspect as is featured in most publications. Unfortunately this approach necessitates numerous cross-references in the text where several different engines are associated with a particular aircraft, for which the authors can only apologize. Lastly, to illustrate the industrial background, the origin and development of each of the aero-engine manufacturing companies is also outlined briefly

About The Author

Mike Goodwin, who emigrated in 2004 from Manchester in the U.K. to live in Dunedin, New Zealand, was a contributing member to the Internet website known as J-aircraft.com, a site based in the USA that is devoted to the study of Japanese aviation from its inception to the end of the Pacific War; he was also moderator of all contributions to the “X Aircraft” message board on that site. He has had numerous articles on Japanese aviation subjects published in the magazines “Arawasi International” (Japan) and JAS Jottings (UK), and is well known for his painstaking research on Japanese aero-engines. Indeed, it is the latter that has formed the foundation stone for this book, without which it could not have been written.

Peter Starkings, resident in Leeds, England, also a contributing member to the J-aircraft.com website, has been researching lesser known aspects of Japanese aviation for many years, sharing the results with other enthusiasts by publishing his own quarterly subscription magazine “JAS Jottings” about Japanese aviation for 12 years, and also having articles on Japanese aviation subjects published in the magazines “Arawasi International” (Japan), “Asahi Journal” (USA), and “Insignia” (UK). He is also the co-author with Don Marsh of the book “Imperial Japanese Flying Schools, 1912 to 1945” (Schiffer Publishing Ltd., U.S.A.)


“This is a very intense book on the subject of Japanese aero-engines, with a lot of information about them. It will be of great interest to aviation enthusiasts”

- AMPS Indianapolis

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