Super Legends: F-117A Nighthawk

A Stealth Fighter Chronicle

Rich Cooper

A publication of world-class, unseen images from the final operations of the legendary F-117A Nighthawk ‘stealth fighter'. Step onto the Holloman flight line; witness the ‘Silver Stealth' celebrations; relive the last European deployment; witness the last Red Flag exercise and join the last ever air-to-air photo sortie.
Date Published :
July 2020
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
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ISBN : 9781950394012
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 8.27 X 11.02 inches
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‘Black Jets’ and ‘Bandits’ as you’ve never seen them before! This publication brings together a collection of world-class, unseen images from the final operations of the legendary F-117A Nighthawk - the original secret ‘stealth fighter’.
Photographer Rich Cooper was afforded operational access to the ‘Black Jets’ of the 49th Fighter Wing during the final years of F-117 operations. Taken in the lead-up to the type’s official retirement over a decade go, this rare, unparalleled collection is now available in one publication for the first time – along with the stories behind the images.
Through extraordinary photographs and recollections, readers are presented with material that forms a visual showcase of the last operational chapter of this still-classified platform. Step inside the ‘canyons’ at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, to join the ‘Bandits’ on the flight line; witness the spectacle of the ‘Silver Stealth’ celebrations with the launch and recovery of over 30 F-117s; relive the last European deployment where crowds were wowed for a final time; join the final Red Flag exercise as night falls on the bristling Nellis flight line; climb inside a tanker for daylight and sunset refuelling missions; and go air-to-air over the White Sands desert in the definitive photo sortie.
The F-117A Nighthawk was like nothing ever flown before and we may never see such a revolutionary design again – the ‘Black Jet’ genuinely broke the mould of air combat. This unique collection of images celebrates the final milestones of its distinguished service.

About The Author

Rich Cooper is a full-time professional photographer and journalist with around 30 years of experience. He has been commissioned for shoots all over the globe, with a 15-year career in publishing, editorial, design and journalism.

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