People’s Liberation Army Surface-to-Air Missile Forces

Current Strategy, Structure and Systems

Marko Majerski

This book analyses the capabilities of the People's Republic of China's surface-to-air missile (SAM) units. It lists and describes all the SAM weapon systems in detail; historical, current and even those not yet in active use. All three branches — the Air Force, the Navy and the Army — have their units and organization listed and described.
Date Published :
June 2023
Publisher :
Harpia Publishing
Series :
Strategic Handbook Series
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781950394111
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 11.02 X 8.27 inches
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This book analyses the capabilities of the People's Republic of China's surface-to-air missile (SAM) units. It covers not just Air Force SAMs, but the entire SAM network, composed of naval units and ship-based SAMs, as well as the Army’s SAM units. It offers a historical overview of SAM forces in China, how they formed and grew in numbers, before listing and describing all the major historical SAM systems. The current state of SAM units in China is the focus, however, with a considerable portion of the book dedicated to listing and describing all the SAM systems in use in China today. This encompasses Air Force, Army and Navy systems, including ship borne SAMs. Organization and roles of SAM units in all three branches are explored, structure of units is described and all this is accompanied by detailed order of battle tables, as well as maps of unit locations. The book uses a mix of open source, photographic and news analysis, and original research to bring this highly relevant topic to life. Training of SAM units is also covered, as well as non-SAM systems, such as various early warning radars. Anti-ballistic missile systems are also explored, as are potential new yet-to-be-announced SAMs. The book is illustrated with numerous photographs and graphics, ranging from historical systems to the most modern ones. This work is the first of its kind to attempt to comprehensively document the SAM systems and units of the PRC, and is essential reading for any professional or enthusiast with even a fleeting interest in Chinese military capabilities.

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