Eagles of the Luftwaffe: Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Andy Saunders

The original dive-bomber, the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka, profiled by Luftwaffe expert Andy Saunders.
Date Published :
April 2022
Publisher :
Mortons Books
Series :
Eagles of the Luftwaffe
Illustration :
80 drawings and photos, 15 color illustrations
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The Junkers Ju 87 ‘Stuka’ was an aircraft with a single purpose – dive bombing the enemy. Attacking in this way had several advantages: it made the attacking aircraft more difficult to hit, it allowed pinpoint accuracy in the delivery of bombs and it struck terror into the hearts of anyone on the receiving end. After its early successes in the West, the Ju 87 went on to become a vital part of the war on the Eastern Front right up until the war’s end. In Eagles of the Luftwaffe: Junkers Ju 87 Stuka, historian Andy Saunders offers a detailed profile of this famous warbird.

About The Author

Andy Saunders has been involved with historic aviation for over thirty years and is well known in the aircraft preservation and restoration field. His specialist area of interest is in the air war over Europe, 1939-1945. One of the co-founders of Tangmere aviation museum, and its first curator, Andy is also respected as a serious researcher and author and is a prolific contributor to the aviation press. He is passionate about flying and history, regularly traveling in search of historic aircraft and artifacts. He also acts as adviser or consultant to film and television companies. He is a former editor of Britain at War magazine and the current editor of Iron Cross.

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