Modern Chinese Warplanes

Chinese Naval Aviation - Combat Aircraft and Units

Andreas Rupprecht

China's rising political ambitions have been accompanied by a demonstration of military presence in its area of influence. The Chinese navy and its naval air arm are playing an increasing role in achieving this goal. This comprehensive directory provides an extensively illustrated, in-depth analysis and overview of the Chinese naval aviation branch
Date Published :
June 2018
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Harpia Publishing
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full color throughout
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9780997309256
Pages : 80
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China’s economic development has been matched by rising political ambitions and the aim of returning the country to a central role in regional and global affairs. It is therefore considered vital for China to demonstrate military presence in its area of influence. Within the past decade, China’s military has undergone some of the most profound reforms and improvements since its establishment. The Chinese navy and its naval air arm are playing an increasingly important role in achieving these goals.

A 2016 ‘white paper’ called for a greater focus on the seas and clearly stated the requirement for China to establish itself as a major maritime power. Consequently, the navy is shifting its focus from defense of offshore waters to ‘protection of the open seas’. The changes for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) – and its aviation component – will probably be even more dramatic than those for the air force. As the PLAN creates a modern, capable ‘blue water’ force, its air arm will steadily increase its capabilities by introducing more modern multi-role systems and through the establishment of an indigenous carrier force.

From the author of the highly acclaimed Modern Chinese Warplanes and Flashpoint China books, this uniquely compact yet comprehensive directory provides an extensively illustrated, in-depth analysis of modern Chinese naval air power.

It is organized in four parts:
• The most important military aircraft and their weapons found in People’s Liberation Naval Air Force service today.
• Aircraft markings and serial number systems.
• Recent modernization efforts and structural reforms.
• Orders of battle for the PLANAF.


“This book will be of interest to aviation enthusiasts and modelers alike.”

- AMPS Indianapolis

“Overall it is an interesting and informative read… I enjoyed reading this publication as it offered current information on the makeup and structure of the modern Chinese Naval Air Force and their aircraft. There is a stunning image of the carrier Liaoning on page 53. I recommend this publication for those interested in modern China aircraft.”


“This book is another addition to the fine series of titles from Harpia on areas of aviation that are infrequently covered by most others… The book is superbly illustrated with excellent maps, charts, and full color photos as well as some well done color profiles… the author has done a sterling job of letting us look at this branch of service, making it a book that I can quite easily recommend to those interested in modern military aviation.”

- ModelingMadness.Com

“During a time of a growing perception of a major great power competition between the United States and China, his work is both highly relevant and exceptionally timely. For any military enthusiast or analyst looking to expand his or her understanding of Chinese naval aviation and how it fits into the PLA’s larger regional and global ambitions, this book provides ample substance and striking illustrations.”

- Center for International Maritime Security

“Andreas Rupprecht covers the naval air arm’s organization, training, order of battle, aircraft number identification system, and types of aircraft and armaments… a highly useful reference for tracking these historic developments.”

- Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest

"All of the text is backed up with hundreds of photos...anyone wanting to know about this vast nation’s military airpower and its capabilities will find no better single source than these three volumes."

- Air Power History

"All in all a great book printed on good paper with numerous colour pictures and together with the other books of Harpia is this series, as far as I am concerned, at the moment the best there is for sale. Thus a very bookshelf worthy book!"

- Aviation Book Reviews

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