Russian Aviation Colours 1909-1922. Volume 3

Red Stars

Marat Khairulin

Date Published :
October 2017
Publisher :
Contributor(s) :
A.V. Kazakov
Series :
Camouflage and Marking
Illustration :
240 B&W photos140 colour profiles
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ISBN : 9788365281647
Pages : 240
Dimensions : 11.69 X 8.27 inches
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The third volume of the Russian Aviation Colours series.

Books describe the history of the little-known emblems and distinctive markings of Russian military aviation from its early origins up to the Russian exit from World War One. The authors have managed to collect, and in some cases partially reconstruct, most emblems and signs used in Russia during this period by military aviation units. The collected material is presented in a clear and attractive form - color plates, reconstructed logos, and original photographs from public and private archives. This profusely illustrated book covers all the aircraft used, with brief details of their service use and comprehensive details of the colors and markings they carried. Besides the many photographs, full color profiles illustrate the markings applied. Detailed color notes and precise descriptions and illustration of national markings over the period complete a book that will be invaluable to aircraft enthusiasts, historians and modelers.

Vol 3 describes aircraft used by early Soviet aviation.


"Much of the appeal of books like this is the research. The book is absolutely jammed full of period photos and the huge number of full color profiles are based on the photos in the book. To say the least, this is a truly outstanding publication, one that I can easily give my highest recommendation, even if you are not an enthusiast of early aviation.”

- Modeling Madness

"This volume, in common with the first two, contains many rare photos and complementary colour side-view drawings that are to the same high quality as the earlier volumes… All in all, another triumph in this series which makes me long for the final volume”

- Small Air Forces Observer, January 2018

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