Frantic 7

The American Effort to Aid the Warsaw Uprising and the Origins of the Cold War, 1944

John Radzilowski, Jerzy Szcześniak

The full story of Frantic 7, the only daytime air drop providing assistance to the Poles during the Warsaw Uprising, including full details of the fate of the bombers shot down on 18 September 1944.
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November 2017
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The Frantic operations were conceived in late 1943 as Soviet forces advanced westward into Ukraine, making Soviet airfields accessible to long-range aircraft based in Italy and later England. American aircraft hit targets in central Europe, refueled and rearmed at Soviet airbases, then flew back to bomb additional targets. In addition to hitting Nazi war industries, the political objectives of Frantic were to build closer cooperation with the Red Army as thoughts turned to what would come after the war finally ended. The first Frantic operation was in June 1944 and operations continued through July, despite continued Soviet misgivings.

For the first two weeks after the Warsaw Uprising began on August 1, 1944, Soviet forces stood idle outside the city, and Stalin refused to let the RAF land at Soviet airfields after dropping supplies to the Polish freedom fighters. But eventually, the United States managed to persuade him to let them use Frantic to drop supplies to the Poles.

On September 18, 1944, American B-17 Flying Fortresses, supported by fighter planes, dropped arms, ammunition, medical supplies, and food over the city of Warsaw. The assistance came too late and had no bearing on the situation of the Polish freedom fighters in Warsaw. For many, Frantic 7 remains a mere gesture to placate Western public opinion, but the events of that day, and the courage of 1,220 airmen who risked their lives to bring them aid, are still remembered by the Poles of Warsaw.

This book gives a full narrative of the Frantic 7 operation itself. Using the firsthand accounts of the events from the freedom fighters on the ground in Warsaw, the fates of the young aircrew, in particular those of “I’ll Be Seeing You” are told in detail. It also sets Frantic 7 in its political context, and explains how the diplomatic wrangles help set the stage for the breakdown in relations between the Soviet Union and the United States, and the beginning of the path to the Cold War.

About The Author

John Radzilowski, Ph.D., is associate professor of history at the University of Alaska. He is the author or co-author of numerous books and articles on U.S. and Polish history, including Traveller’s History of Poland and American Immigration: An Encyclopedia of Political, Social and Cultural Change.

Jerzy Szcześniak lives in Warsaw. His passion is the history of the Second World War. His first book Frantic 7: Amerykańska Pomoc dla Powstania Warszawskiego was one of the first books in Polish to uncover the details surrounding the American mission in 1944.


Foreword to the Original Polish Edition

1. The Uprising
2. Aiding Warsaw
3. Mission to Warsaw
4. Airdrop
5. “I’ll Be Seeing You”
6. Lost over Warsaw
7. After the Airdrop
8. The End of Operation Frantic and the Start of the Cold War

Appendix 1: Orders of Battle, Operation Frantic 7, September 1944
Appendix 2: Timeline of Commemorations for the Crew of “I’ll Be Seeing You”



“An amazingly detailed account of the US Air Force's attempt to help the Poles in Warsaw. Inspiring!”

- Books Monthly

“The strength of the book lies largely in the human interest story.”

- Miniature Wargames

"...[provides] a rather unique cross-national narrative on the Warsaw Uprising and the political climate over Europe."

- World War II Database

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