Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy

A Journey into the Dark Heart of the Global War on Terror

Tom Clonan

Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781907593963
Pages : 348
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From Dublin to Beirut, Guantanamo Bay to Iraq - and all the way back - Tom Clonan takes the reader on a very personal journey through the Global War on Terror. The book deals with a variety of themes including death, mayhem and murder, loss of loved ones, fear of flying and the hazards of having four children and a dog! Clonan's book begins with his career as a Captain in the Irish Army in war-torn Lebanon and Bosnia. It then chronicles his experiences as a military whistleblower, academic and journalist and finally Irish Times Security Analyst. These experiences give the reader a unique insight into the Global War on Terror. They also give the reader an insight into the nature of faith, trust and betrayal of ideals. It is a frank and honest account of conflict from the point of view of someone with first-hand experiences of war abroad and heartbreaking experiences of loss at home. Clonan's book is by turns dark, hilarious and moving. His accounts of a world engaged in asymmetrical warfare - at a cost of $4 trillion dollars and over a million lives to date - is disturbing. His account of the war, juxtaposed with intimate descriptions of his own family circumstances - a parent helping his young son to fight a serious neuromuscular disease - is an eloquent commentary on the futility of war and the huge potential for good that exists in the world.