Vought F-4U Corsair

Bruno Pautigny, Nicholas Gohin

Date Published :
November 2019
Publisher :
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With more than 12 000 built in six main versionsand used by some air forces until the 1970s, theemblematic aircraft of above all the Pacific war,and a television star, the Chance Vought F4U Corsairwas undoubtedly one of the most famous aircraft inaviation history.After difficult beginnings, the Corsair – immediatelyrecognisable by its cranked wings imposed by thelarge diameter propeller – was one of the factorsof the USN’s air arm’s successes during the WorldWar Two, earning itself the nickname of “whistlingdeath” when attacking because of its engine noiseand wing layout.Because there was no immediate, effective successor,it bravely took up service again for the Korean War during which it carried out almost 80% of theground attack missions. The United States were the main users of the F4U, but the British Fleet Air Armalso flew them during the Second World War, including in the European theatre whilst France, for whom aspecial version was made by Vought, only withdrew its last Corsairs from service at the beginning of the1960s, after using them in combat in Algeria and Suez.In almost 144 pages, these two illustrators and specialists in world aviation have realised almost 200unpublished profiles of this legendary aircraft.

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