German and Russian Tank Models 1939–45

Mario Eens

Fully illustrated guide to creating realistic and highly detailed finishes on models of WWII German and Russian tanks.
Date Published :
May 2019
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Illustration :
over 200 color photographs
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ISBN : 9781612007359
Pages : 132
Dimensions : 10 X 8 inches
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The Second World War is a favorite for modelers, and this comprehensive guide to techniques suitable for 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scale tank models will be invaluable to modelers wanting to recreate the iconic tanks of this conflict. From the Russian T-34 at the time of the battle of Kursk, and Su-152 in winter camouflage, to the German Panzer I in North Africa, and the gigantic Maus, as it might have appeared just after the war ended, this book offers a wealth of detail into the necessary tools, paints and techniques to perfect a realistic finish.

About The Author

Mario Eens is considered one of the best modelers in the world, and a regular contributor to specialized magazine Steelmasters.


Panzer I, North Africa 1941
T-34/76, Russia summer 1943
PzKpf VIII Mus, Germany 1946
SU-152, Eastern Front winter 1943
Russian Infantry, Berlin 1945.


“The author has done an excellent job presenting a book with a little bit for everyone inside. The photos are crisp and clear and easy to follow and the accompanying text in the captions can give just about anyone a boost to start trying some new methods of creating realistic Axis and Soviet pieces. No matter what genre or scale you prefer, you should be able to find something useful inside to advance your skills and get your piece looking just the way you'd like.”


"In this beautifully illustrated book, Mario demonstrates that he is as precise and careful with his explanations as with his scale construction and painting."

- AMPS Indianapolis

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