A Pictorial Report on the US Infantry's Gear and Life During the Vietnam War- 1965-1975

Antonio Arques

Date Published :
August 2014
Publisher :
Andrea Press
Illustration :
2000 full color pictures
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ISBN : 9788496658493
Pages : 456
Dimensions : 12 X 9 inches
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Fifty years after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing US forces to defend South Vietnam, this incredible book arrives with a one-stop visual tour of every item of gear employed by American infantrymen in the long years of battle that followed.

With over 2,000 photos accompanied by insightful text (did we know that the US buildup was so sudden that initial divisions had to be issued black leather footwear instead of tropical boots?) this work digs into every nook and cranny of the infantry's experience "in-country.” M-16s, Claymores, M-60s, grenades and knives and knives are naturally examined in full color. But so is every variety of clothing, rations, helmets, hats and caps, as well as medals, patches and insignia.

This remarkable collection does not stop there, however, as it also examines the soldiers' pastimes, from music to magazines (not just Life or Time but Mad, Playboy and the periodical Grunt) as well as the brands of beers, cigarettes and other leisure elements. Rare photos of soldiers themselves in Nam spot the narrative, as well as glimpses of what was going on back in the States meantime, including protests.

Carefully compiled and lavishly illustrated, this unique book provides a visceral tour down memory lane for every soldier who served in Vietnam. It is also a revealing guide to those in the general public who may have wondered exactly what our troops felt, handled and experienced during that tumultuous American war in remote Southeast Asia.


Thorough as it could possibly be in research and as good looking in photographical evidence and style. It's probably one of the first books anyone interested in the grunts in Vietnam would want to buy. It's of the very best quality.

- The Modelling News , July 2014

This volume has been long missing in the study of Vietnam War militiaria. Carefully compiled and lavishly illustrated, Grunt examines virtually every aspect of an infantry soldier's personal gear, from uniforms and accouterments through weapons and personal items. The book presents all of the info serious collectors want: An incredible amount of detailed photographs of personal gear accompanied by the military designation for each piece of gear. The detail is exceptional and the descriptions add and explain the purpose and the changes made in the gear over a decade of war. Just as other Andre Press volumes, Deutsche Soldat and Heitai! have become standard volumes on collecting material related to the everyday soldiers of WWII Germany and Japan, Grunt: A Pictorial Report will fast become the go-to book for serious Vietnam collectors.

- Military Trader , January 2015

...Painstakingly detailed and incredibly comprehensive, "Grunt” should rank as the standard, go-to guide for collectors for years to come.

- Toy Soldier and Model Figure Magazine, April 2015

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