Somme: Part 3

Tank Battles and the Final Phase. September-November 1916

Ed Skelding

Date Published :
August 2014
Publisher :
Pen and Sword Digital
Series :
Walking the Western Front
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ISBN : 5060247620251
Pages : 70
Dimensions : 7.5 X 5.25 inches
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Following on from the success of the two films on Ypres (Slaughter of the Innocents and The Immortal Salient) The Walking the Western Front series turns its attention to the infamous Battle of the Somme, where almost 60,000 British men were either killed, wounded or classed as missing on the first day alone. Spread across three seventy-minute DVDs, acclaimed filmmaker Ed Skelding and eminent military historian Nigel Cave take us on a tour of the Somme battlefields as they exist today and explain the Battle of the Somme in its entirety, from the opening day offensive where thousands of troops lost their lives against a determined German defense to the abandonment of the operation on 18 November with the final failed Battle of the Ancre.

Relying on their combined knowledge of the battlefields, Ed and Nigel revisit famous places relating to the battle including: Delville Wood, High Wood, Fricourt, Mametz, Guillemont and many more to explain the history behind each offensive, as well as the successes and failures of the Allied armies. The pair also visit a selection of war graves, including the Thiepval Memorial to give the viewer an insight into the scale of loss that the allies suffered during the conflict. Accompanied by a selection of original photographs from the period and exclusive money off vouchers for related books from the Pen and Sword catalogue, these DVDs are the perfect companion for fans of the Battleground series and students of the Great War alike. A companion book on the Somme will be released by Ed Skelding in late 2013, showing the battle through the eyes of a filmmaker and will present original black and white photographs of the battlefield and present day pictures to show how the battlefields have changed over the years.

About The Author

Ed Skelding is a film-maker with more than twenty World War One broadcast documentaries to his credit. These include the series made for ITV - Great Battles of the Great War, which resulted in the book of the same name for Pen & Sword with author Michael

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