The Complete WWII Diary and History of the Sturmgeschütz Brigade 236

An Assault Gun Regiment Fighting to the End

Tino C Von Struckmann

A day-by-day account of life on the Eastern Front in the last months of the war for an assault gun brigade.
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April 2021
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The assault gun played an important role during World War II, with assault gun units significantly increasing the combat effectiveness of infantry units. On the Eastern Front, assault guns were also used more and more as tank destroyers. The Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 236 was only in existence for the last two years of war, but proved itself a small professional, determined and well-led unit.

This book tells the story of this unit from its reorganization and deployment to the Southern Ukraine in August 1944. There it was assigned to VII Armeekorps, and in early September it was shattered at Jassy in the fighting to repel the Soviet Second Ukrainian Front. In October it was re-formed from the survivors of the old brigade plus reinforcements. In early 1945 it was transferred to East Silesia and assigned to 4. Panzerarmee, fighting in Silesia and Moravia.

Researched with the help of the museum for the Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 236, this book retells the story of the unit through the translated war diary for the unit, complemented by the personal letters and diaries of the men of the unit, including material from both German and Czech archives. It is a unique insight into the story of these professional soldiers and their daily lives on the front in the last months of the war.

About The Author

Tino Von Struckmann is an Army veteran, with a masters degree in military history. He is a previously published author and has been on several TV shows.


The history and concept of the Sturmgeschutz (StuG) (Assault Gun)
The employment of the assault artillery• Sturmgeschütz Brigade 236
The birth of a brigade
Heading East
At the Mius
Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross
A New Year in the mud
Refitted for the East
1945 The last battles in Silesia and Saxony
On to the end
The diary of Lt. Hans Thoma (1939)
Notes of Interest
Eastern Front timeline overview

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