I Was Hitler's Pilot

The Memoirs of Hans Baur

Hans Baur

Date Published :
October 2019
Publisher :
Frontline Books
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526760760
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6 inches
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A decorated First World War pilot, Hans Baur was one of the leading commercial aviators of the 1920s before being pitched into the thick of it as personal pilot to a certain ‘Herr Hitler’. Hitler, who loathed flying, felt safe with Baur and would allow no one else to pilot him. As a result, an intimate relationship developed between the two men and it is this, which gives these memoirs special significance. Hitler relaxed in Baur’s company and talked freely of his plans and of his real opinions about his friends and allies.

Baur was also present during some of the most salient moments of the Third Reich; the Röhm Putsch, the advent of Eva Braun, Ribbentrop’s journey to Moscow, the Bürgerbräukeller attempt on Hitler’s life; and when war came, he flew Hitler from front to front. He remained in Hitler's service right up to the final days in the Führerbunker. In a powerful account of Hitler’s last hours, Baur describes his final discussions with Hitler before his suicide; and his last meeting with Magda Goebbels in the tortuous moments before she killed her three children. Remarkably, throughout it all Baur’s loyalty to the Führer never wavered. His memoirs capture these events in all their fascinating and disturbing detail.

About The Author

Born in Bavaria in 1897, HANS BAUR served in the German Air Force during the First World War. After the Treaty of Versailles, he flew commercial airliners before becoming Hitler’s personal pilot, a role he first undertook during the election campaign in 1932. The Führer’s last order to Baur was to fly Martin Bormann out of Berlin, but during their escape attempt Baur was captured by the Russians. For ten years the Russians questioned him, suspecting that he had flown Hitler to safety before the fall of Berlin. After his release in 1955, Baur eventually returned to Germany. He passed away in 1993.


"Readers interested in early aviation history will find some interesting anecdotes in Baur’s account."

- New York Journal of Books

"Bauer gives us a look at the evolution of aviation in the period, air combat in the Great War, and the rise of commercial aviation, while offering often revealing observations about Hitler, those around him..."

- The NYMAS Review

"...offers inside views of the murderous Nazi regime up to the bitter end of the battle for Berlin in 1945..."

- Over the Front

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