M3/M5/M9 Half-Track

Armored Personnel Carrier

Slawomir Zajaczkowski

Junkers Ju 188 - German bomber during World War II, successor of the Ju 88, was flown in January 1943.
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December 2021
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drawing sheets, color profiles
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The M3 vehicle was a thirteen-person armored transporter that could be used to transport mechanized infantry or as an artillery tractor, ambulance, communications vehicle, etc. It was also used as a carrier for various types of guns.

American factories producing M2 and M3 armored personnel carriers were overloaded and could hardly meet orders for the army. That’s why, in 1942, the International Harvester Company stated that it was capable of producing a combat vehicle similar to the M3, but due to some differences in the plant's machine park, not all components could be made in the same way. Therefore, it required slight changes in the design of the new transporter. Thus the Half-Track Personnel Carrier M5 was born, which was almost identical to the M3 version.

The M5 versions were created primarily for the needs of foreign customers. They were used by the British Army, as well as Polish, Czech and "Free French" units. The British used them primarily to tow various types of antitank guns. These vehicles also found their way to the USSR under the Lend-Lease agreement. After the Second World War, they were also used by the Israeli army.


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