The Battleship Roma 1942–1943

Carlo Cestra

Date Published :
April 2017
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Super Drawings in 3D
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177 graphics
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9788364596742
Pages : 100
Dimensions : 11.7 X 8.3 inches
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The pursuit of better performance continued until all the possibilities for improvement were literally squeezed out of the Yak-1’s mixed design characterized by an all-wooden wing. In the process, alterations to the basic design gave birth to new, more advanced types – the Yak-9 in 1942 and Yak-3 in 1944. Still, given the high degree of manufacturing optimization achieved at Saratov factory, it was decided to keep the fighter that was rapidly becoming obsolete in production. Its latest version – the Yak-1b – contributed significantly to the wartime effort of the Soviet Union. These developments as well as some interesting facts from the Yak-1/1b history are covered in the current volume.


"filled with Kagero's marvellous full colour 3D drawings of detailed elements of the ship.  Every part of the vessel is covered, both main and secondary armament, the ships' boats, bridge structure, aircraft catapult, bow with its' colourful red and white stripes for air recognition it is excellent.  Near the end of the book, a couple of pages include some cutaway images showing the gun turret and magazines down through the decks, and the many levels of a main gun turret.  Being all in colour, this provides what I think is the perfect reference for anyone building the Trumpeter kit of the Roma in 1/350 scale.  Talking of scale, tucked into the book is a separate fold-out sheet with 1/350 scale drawings of the vessel, again very useful for any modeller, whether you want to do the plastic kit or maybe even scratchbuild your own.  Another excellent addition to this series.  "

- Military Modelling

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