Extreme Forgiveness

Carol Glasgow, Bruce Frazer

The American destroyer USS Maddox, sunk by German dive bomber in WWII, carried 210 men to the bottom, leaving 74 survivors. Years later, through extreme forgiveness, the survivors forgave and welcomed the German pilot into their alumni group.
Date Published :
June 2016
Publisher :
Educator's International Press
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The theme of “Extreme Forgiveness” is forgiveness, reconciliation and assimilation.

WWII German bomber pilot Kurt Fox sank the USS Maddox, an American destroyer, in 1943 killing 210 men and leaving seventy-four survivors. After the war, he earned a medical degree, emigrated to America and practiced family medicine for twenty-nine years in rural Virginia. He then volunteered to provide medical care in two Indian reservations. Fellow practitioners and members of his community accorded him considerable respect. In 1995, fifty-two years after the sinking, Dr. Fox received an unexpected call inviting him to a reunion of Maddox survivors. There, they inducted him into their association as an honorary member.

This was extreme forgiveness.

About The Author

Carol Glasgow is Bruce Frazer’s wife. Her degree in Toxicology and Comparative Pharmacology is from UCSF. Carol studied opiates in laboratories until she contracted Multiple Sclerosis after which she reviewed scientific studies for Federal Register publications. She has joined Bruce while flying hot air balloons, fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters in Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. She enjoys falconry and has a keen interest in all things that fly.

In addition to being an Army Aviator wherein he flew many different types of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, Bruce Frazer was a demonstration and test pilot for Bell Helicopter Company. They manufactured the ubiquitous “Huey,” some 2,000 of which have been and are used in life saving missions and combat around the world.

He continues to fly for enjoyment and writes articles about aviation and diverse subjects. His article “Time to Change Attitudes On Marijuana?,” published in Patient Care Magazine, was reprinted by the Justice Department, Interpol, and Scotland Yard and read into The Congressional Record. In addition, he has written extensively about business and political subjects.