Midway Submerged

American and Japanese Submarine Operations at the Battle of Midway, May–June 1942

Mark W Allen

Proving that submarines played a far more important role in the outcome of the great Midway carrier battle than what was previously been understood.
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June 2023
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Most books gloss over submarines at Midway and, if they are mentioned at all, conclude they failed miserably and had little impact on the outcome of the battle. It is undeniable that carrier aviation and intelligence saved the day, but the role of the submarine was an important one in defense of an anticipated amphibious assault.

Midway Submerged is a comprehensive examination of a little-known aspect of this pivotal naval battle, explaining how Nimitz used his submarines at Midway, and the Japanese misused theirs based on a flawed tactical plan. Based on in-depth archival research not only into the battle itself, but also submarine design and construction, and tactical and operational doctrine for both the United States and Japan, it brings a whole new dimension to the discussion of the battle of Midway. It examines the intended role of the submarine in the plans and doctrine of both navies, and what the submarines were expected to accomplish for both fleets during the battle, before assessing the actual accomplishments, successes, and failures of the submarine forces on both sides. Of particular importance, the book offers an analysis of how well these vessels fulfilled the expectations placed on them by their respective naval planners, concluding that submarines played a more important role in the outcome than has been previously understood.

About The Author

Mark W. Allen has a master’s degree in military history from the American Military University. He is the former historian and volunteer coordinator for the War Memorial Park Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma, home of the USS Batfish, a World War II fleet submarine. Allen is a member of several professional societies, including the Society for Military History. He and his wife currently live in Owasso, Oklahoma.


1. Midway Submerged: Introduction
2. Japanese Naval Doctrine
3. Japanese Submarine Strategy and Tactics
4. United States Naval Doctrine
5. United States Submarine Strategy and Tactics
6. Japanese Submarine Actions at Midway
7. United States Submarine Actions at Midway
8. Analysis: Undersea Warfare at Midway
9. Midway Submerged: Conclusions


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