Men of the Battle of Britain

A Major New Tribute to The Few

Kenneth G. Wynn

Date Published :
February 2022
Publisher :
Frontline Books
Contributor(s) :
The Prince of Wales
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1,200 illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781473847675
Pages : 584
Dimensions : 11 X 9.5 inches
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781399014656
Pages : 616
Dimensions : 11.4 X 9.6 inches
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Since it was first published in 1989, Men of the Battle of Britain has become a standard reference book for academics and researchers interested in the Battle of Britain. Copies are also owned by many with purely an armchair interest in the events of 1940.

The book records the service details of the airmen who took part in the Battle of Britain in considerable detail. Where known, postings and their dates are included, as well as promotions, decorations and successes claimed flying against the enemy. There is also much personal detail, often including dates and places of birth, civilian occupations, dates of death and place of burial or, for those with no known grave, place of commemoration. There are many wartime head-and-shoulders photographs. Inevitably the high achievers who survived tend to have the longest entries, but those who were killed very quickly, sometimes even on their first sortie, are given equal status.

The 2015 third edition will include new names and corrected spellings, as well as many new photographs. Plenty of the entries have been extended with freshly acquired information. The stated nationalities of some of the airmen have been reexamined and, for example, one man always considered to be Australian is now known to have been Irish.

About The Author

KENNETH G. WYNN was born in London and was at school there during the Battle of Britain. He later served in the RAF, before moving to New Zealand, where he has lived for many years. He has written books on New Zealand holders of the Battle of Britain Clasp, the Charge of the Light Brigade and U-boats.


"For the first time we can tell the stories of 'The Unsung Few' who inexplicably fell under the radar of war historians following exhaustive research by author Kenneth G Wynn and his team."

- The Sunday Express

"To people to whom all this is new it should probably be said that once you start randomly reading a snippet here and there you may be unable to put the book down. The human dimension will draw you in; just look at the cover photo: a bunch of freckle-faced young men, ready to mount their steed and ride into battle, The Few, of whom their Prime Minister said in his immortal words “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”"


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