Life in the Red Coat: The British Soldier 1721-1815

Proceedings of the 2019 Helion and Company ‘From Reason to Revolution’ Conference

The proceedings of the 2019 From Reason to Revolution conference, addressing the British soldier 1721-1815.
Date Published :
November 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Editor :
Andrew Bamford
Series :
From Reason to Revolution
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15 tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913118945
Pages : 198
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The 2019 From Reason to Revolution conference took as its theme the experiences of the ordinary British soldier in the era 1721-1815, from enlistment, through service at home, to life on campaign and the experience of battle. This book presents the proceedings of that conference in full, along with an introduction by series editor Andrew Bamford.

This was an era in which the social position of the soldier began to change, as did the relationship between the Army and society at large. Soldiers saw service against Jacobite rebels in Scotland and anti-Catholic rioters in London. Campaign service overseas stretched from garrison duties in the growing empire to pitched battles in Flanders and the Iberian Peninsula. Lack of indigenous manpower led to the enlistment of foreigners in large numbers into the British Army itself by the end of the period, whereas in earlier days the shortfall had been made up by hiring mercenaries. As the idea of a social contract became embedded, it was necessary to make provision for pensions for maimed or superannuated soldiers, as well as the more obvious need for medical care for the sick and wounded. The nine chapters contained in this volume all address aspects of these topics, drawing upon focussed case studies from across the long 18th century.

About The Author

Andrew Bamford completed a PhD in Military History at the University of Leeds in 2010, and now edits the From Reason to Revolution series for Helion.


"A variety of themes for those interested in the British Army of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries […] offers quotations from a variety of personal accounts to introduce readers to ‘the wealth of letters, journals and memoirs."

- Miniature Wargames

"…uniformly interesting and informative. As an introduction to the experiences of British soldiers in the long 18th Century, this little collection works very well. […] This is an enjoyable and entertaining read for novices and experts alike."

- Wargames Illustrated

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