The Russian Army in the Great Northern War 1700-21

Organisation, Materiel, Training and Combat Experience, Uniforms

Boris Megorsky

A detailed look at the Russian army during the Great Northern War utilising material previously unseen in the West.
Date Published :
August 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Century of the Soldier
Illustration :
32 color plates, c 30 b/w ills., maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781911512882
Pages : 270
Dimensions : 9.75 X 7 inches
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The book describes the armed forces of Peter the Great in its entirety, and covers in depth old Russian troops and irregulars, as well as Peter’s new standing army (guards, infantry, dragoons, elite units and artillery) and his brand-new force(the navy, with sailing ships and galleys, and marines). Besides the staffing, organization and development of troops, the book gives detailed account of uniforms, weapons and other materiel (both conventional and unusual). Training is described using drill manuals and tactical instructions of the period, and fighting methods actually performed on the battlefield are described - based on firsthand accounts and period observations from Russian, Swedish and impartial sources. Pitched battles that often predominate in descriptions of early-18th century warfare are given their due in the book; however, linear tactics on the field were not the only - nor even the main - type of actions during the Great Northern War, so the author goes into details of the sieges, small war actions and riverine, lake and naval combats.

The author brings up materials that were unavailable to English-speaking readers and scholars so far, and the book not only contains the author’s own research, but is also based on the most recent works of other Russian scholars who specialize in various aspects of the Petrine military history; this makes the book a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Peter the Great’s military force during the Great Northern War (1700-1721). The book is supplemented with numerous contemporary prints and paintings, photos of artifacts and recreated uniform kits, as well as specially commissioned artwork that has been created by an artist who is knowledgeable in details from that period.

About The Author

Boris Megorsky born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1978. Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia with his beloved family. Made his Ph.D. in Political Science, works in Human Resources but his true passion has always been military history. As a scholar he specializes in everyday life of the Russian army, its uniforms, tactics and siege warfare of the Great Northern war period. Author of three books – “Peter the Great’s Revanche” (2016) and “Sieges and Assaults of the Great Northern war” (2017) in Russian and “Russian Forces of the Great Northern War” (2018) with Helion & Company. As a re-enactor he is member and “sergeant” of “Preobrazhensky Life Guard regiment, 1709” - Russia’s leading reenactment society of the early 1700s. His passion in miniatures make him paying great attention to details both in research and in re-constructions, be it reenactors kit or graphical illustration consulted by him. He counsels films, museum and publishing projects, miniature manufacturers and artists.


“….a very impressive book, and will be a great resource for gamers looking to learn more about the period.”

- Wargames: Soldiers & Strategies magazine No 98

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