French Bombers of WWII

Jose Fernandez, Patrick Loureaut

Date Published :
June 2019
Publisher :
Series :
White Series
Illustration :
300 illustrations
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ISBN : 9788363678593
Pages : 240
Dimensions : 11 X 8.5 inches
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While French fighter aircraft of the early war period are well known and the subject of many books, the bomber aircraft used by the French Air Force in this period are not well documented in English.

This book describes and illustrates all such aircraft in use in WWII, from the obsolescent to the elegant and up-to-date modern bombers.

Fully illustrated with many wartime photos, and scale plans of the major types. Full color profiles of many representative aircraft.


“Let's cut to the chase, English-language readers: if your library includes one book on French Bombers of WWII, make it this one. MMP's lavishly illustrated, eponymous effort tells the whole terrific tale in 288 pithy pages.”

- Cybermodeler

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