Standing Tall

Leadership Lessons in the Life of a Soldier

Lt Gen Robert F Foley US Army Ret

The autobiography of Medal of Honor recipient LTG Robert F. Foley.
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September 2022
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636242248
Pages : 240
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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"What an amazing opportunity! Standing Tall allows us to learn about leadership from a true American hero.” — Mike Krzyzewski, former Head Coach, Duke University and USA Olympic Gold Medal basketball teams.

Robert Foley had only been in Vietnam for six months when he was promoted to captain and given command of a rifle company. In November 1966, Foley led his men on a mission to rescue another company that had been pinned down by Viet Cong forces. His leadership that day inspired his men and led to a successful operation—and the Medal of Honor. His actions in Vietnam were only a small portion of a long and varied career of service in the US Army, but Foley did not always seem marked for success. Coming from a blue-collar suburb of Boston, his years in West Point were marked by poor grades, injuries, and sickness. With a determination to lead by example and inspire trust among others, Foley served across the globe and rose through the ranks. He even returned to West Point as Commandant of Cadets, later retiring as a 3-star general and commander of Fifth Army.

About The Author

Lieutenant General Foley graduated in 1963 from the US Military Academy. He was a company commander during the Vietnam War, a battalion and brigade commander with the 3rd Infantry Division in Germany, assistant division commander, 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, West Point's commandant of cadets, and commanding general, Fifth US Army. His awards include the Medal of Honor, the Fairleigh-Dickinson University Pinnacle Award, and the US Military Academy Distinguished Graduate Award. General Foley and his wife, Julie, reside in Alexandria, VA and have two sons, a daughter and seven grandchildren.


Chapter 1 – Early Years
Chapter 2 – New Cadet Barracks
Chapter 3 – Plebe Year
Chapter 4 – Keeping the Faith
Chapter 5 – Wolfhounds
Chapter 6 – The War in Vietnam
Chapter 7 – Rifle Company Commander
Chapter 8 – Operation Attleboro
Chapter 9 – Two Decisions
Chapter 10 – About Face
Chapter 11 – Battalion Operations Officer
Chapter 12 – Moscow and Leningrad
Chapter 13 – Battalion Commander
Chapter 14 – Naval War College
Chapter 15 – Brigade Commander
Chapter 16 – Crisis Management
Chapter 17 – Assistant Division Commander
Chapter 18 – Commandant of Cadets
Chapter 19 – Company Tactical Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers
Chapter 20 – Mission Essential Task Enhancement
Chapter 21 – Honor and Respect
Chapter 22 – Deputy Commanding General, Second Army
Chapter 23 – Commanding General, US Army Military District of Washington
Chapter 24 – Commanding General, Fifth Army
Chapter 25 – Epilogue



“What an amazing opportunity! Standing Tall allows us to learn about leadership from a true American hero.”

- Mike Krzyzewski, former Head Coach, Duke University and USA Olympic Gold Medal basketball teams.

“General Foley’s book presents a marvelous description of character-focused leadership, of both its development and practice during a full career of service to our country. The story is superbly told in succinct, clear, and memorable prose."

- Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer, US Army Retired, former Superintendent of the US Military Academy and author of "George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots"

Standing Tall is an awesome and amazing story of a humble American war hero, who grew up in middle America, endured the discipline of a West Point education and amidst the harshness and challenges of Vietnam, exhibited the ultimate expression of leadership, when he personally assaulted enemy bunkers. A book to inspire young people, to uplift military and veterans and to motivate any reader to reflect a caring attitude to all.”

- The Honorable Allen Clark, author of "Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior: A Personal Story of a Vietnam Veteran who lost both legs but Found His Soul"

“One of America’s most heroic soldiers, General Robert Foley has written a practical guide to values-based leadership woven from the rich tapestry of his exemplary life of selfless service and battlefield courage. This is one of the finest contemporary reads available on a life of duty, honor, and country.”

- Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon, US Army Retired, former Superintendent of the US Military Academy and Commandant of the Army War College

“Bob Foley presents a compelling narrative of a Soldier’s life that transcends the test of time.”

- General Dennis J. Reimer, US Army Retired, former Army Chief of Staff, Chairman of the Board for American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association

“Beautifully written. A concise, entertaining and poignant memoir from a true American hero.”

- Jeff Shaara, author of "Gone for Soldiers: A Novel of the Mexican War" and recipient of the 2017 Medal of Honor Foundation Bob Hope award for Excellence in Entertainment

“Everybody benefits from having an idol. Bob Foley is mine. I have known him for more than half a century, and he never ceases to teach me things that I need to know. His intellect, his insight and—almost as important as anything else—his humor are all on full display in Standing Tall. This is fascinating and essential reading for everyone.”

- Colonel Jack Jacobs, US Army Retired, Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient and author of "If Not Now, When?"

Standing Tall is a terrific book following a true American hero’s journey during a stellar career in the U.S. Army. Lieutenant General (Retired) Bob Foley has written a must read for anyone interested in learning leadership lessons during the toughest situations imaginable.”

- General Robert B. Brown, US Army Retired, former Commanding General, US Army Pacific, President & Chief Executive Officer, Association of the US Army

“Bob Foley has been Standing Tall his entire life. I was privileged to serve alongside him and saw his devotion to Nation and Soldiers firsthand. A Warrior, a gentleman, a friend. This book chronicles it all-a must read.”

- Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, US Army Retired, former National Security Advisor to President Trump and Vice President Pence; author of War by Other Means: A General in the Trump White House

“For a time and culture with values often confused if not chaotic, this lively autobiographical portrait of a true patriot strong in faith and family, is sure to inspire, reassure and encourage readers of every persuasion!”

- His Eminence Edwin Cardinal O’Brien, Grand Master, Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

Standing Tall is an excellent memoir by an outstanding soldier and leader. A must read for all who are committed to the defense of the nation.”

- General George Joulwan, US Army Retired, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe and author of Watchman at the Gates: A Soldier’s Journey from Berlin to Bosnia"

“Standing Tall tells the extraordinary life story of an American hero, Lieutenant General Robert Foley. In this memoir, General Foley shares how he became a warrior, from his time as a new cadet to his experience commanding men in combat. Written by one of the few Americans in history to receive our nation’s highest military honor, this book contains battle-tested truths about what it takes to be a leader.”

- Senator Tom Cotton, US Senator for Arkansas

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