The Battle of Talana

20 October 1899

Pam McFadden

Date Published :
October 2014
Publisher :
30 Degrees South Publishers
Series :
Battles of the Anglo-Boer War
Illustration :
25 b/w photos, maps
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Battles of the Anglo-Boer War series provides an accessible guide to some of the major campaigns, battles and battlefields of this historic conflict in KwaZulu-Natal. The books are written for the general reader as well as for historians seeking fresh insights into the events leading up to, during and after the battles. The text is supported by contemporary accounts and photographs, some of which have never previously been published. Maps show in detail the routes and dispositions of the opposing forces for each battle.

The Battle of Talana was the first major engagement of the Anglo-Boer War. Although it ended with no conclusive result, it provided an opportunity for both Boer and British forces to appreciate the strength of their opponents.

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