America's War in Syria

Fighting with Kurdish Anti-ISIS Forces

Dr Till Paasche, John Foxx, Shaun Murray

A unique assessment of American military involvement in Syria, by three authors who participated in all large Kurdish operations between late 2014 and mid-2016.
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May 2022
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ISBN : 9781636241524
Pages : 304
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A unique assessment of American military involvement in Syria, written by three very different authors who between them participated in all large Kurdish operations between late 2014 and mid-2016, experiencing first-hand the impact America had on the battlefield.

With America’s War on Terror and the subsequent democracy experiments in Afghanistan and Iraq having turned into geopolitical disasters, the US military campaign in alliance with the Kurdish forces in Syria remains a rare success story. Considering the overwhelming military victory, the functioning Kurdish civilian governing structures that followed the fighting, the extremely light military footprint and the strong link to Kurdish partners, many political analysts, military experts and politicians in Washington, DC, judge the intervention against ISIS in Syria as the nation’s most successful campaign since World War II. However, since neither these experts nor many journalists were on the ground during the fighting, they struggle to explain exactly how this particular operation turned into a just war.

The authors, however, were there. Between the three of them, they fought for over two years with the Kurdish forces. They participated in all the large Kurdish operations against the Islamic State between late 2014 and mid-2016. They endured muddy archaic trench warfare, witnessed the first waves of decisive US and British airstrikes against ISIS, and experienced the impact America had on the battlefield.

Later, when American, British and French Special Forces were deployed at the front lines, the authors worked closely with those teams when they evacuated hundreds of wounded from the battlefield together.

Based on the authors' unique insights, this book analyses America’s war in Syria and structures the intervention into different phases including the secretive build up and the ultimate destruction of the ISIS Caliphate.

About The Author

The leftist academic Till ‘Baz’ Paasche, PhD joined the Kurdish revolution in Syria between March 2015 and July 2016. As a combat medic, Baz and his team worked closely with US and British Special Forces that where coordinating America’s war on the ground.

The former US Marine John Foxx volunteered with the Kurdish forces between 2014 – 2016. John is currently studying International Relations.

Shaun Murray served in the Royal Irish Regiment of the British Armed Forces and joined the Kurdish struggle between March 2015 and April 2016. Since the war, Shaun has graduated with a degree in International Relations.


Part I: From Symbolic Airstrikes to First Coalitions
Chapter 1: The Fall of Mosul
Chapter 2: Shingal
Chapter 3: Securing the Earth Berm I
Chapter 4: Securing the Earth Berm II
Chapter 5: The First Wave of Aggressive Airstrikes
Chapter 6: The First Major Offensive Against Daesh
Chapter 7: Occupying Arab Lands
Chapter 8: Daesh’s Counter Offense

Part II: The New Syrian Democratic Forces Go to War
Chapter 9: A New Alliance Is Formed
Chapter 10: Operation Wrath of Khabur
Chapter 11: Between Operations
Chapter 12: Crossing the Euphrates
Chapter 13: The Meat Grinder
Chapter 14: Rolling with the Operators

Part III: Defeating the Caliphate: A Kurdish-American Success Story
Chapter 15: Rojava Becomes Formal
Chapter 16: Operation Wrath of Euphrates
Chapter 17: Al-Jazeera Storm
Chapter 18: The American Exit Strategy

Part IV: Madness
Chapter 19: America Has Blood on Its Hands
Chapter 20: Who Are We?


"...worth buying for multiple audiences, for scholarly research and to satiate interest in the war against ISIS."

- Journal of Military History

"The authors take a complex conflict and carefully explain the ever-changing alliances and support from myriad actors...The book was well written and enjoyable. I would suggest it to anyone who works or has interest in national security and modern military history."

- Col. Robert Sherrill, U.S. Marine Corps, Military Review

“The ‘war on terror’ launched by President Bush twenty years ago continues all over the planet in the dark, dirty places most Americans don’t think about. It has never ended. It will not anytime soon. Yet, even as thousands continue to die the conflict seems increasingly some sort of distant abstraction. This book changes all of that. It brings the war into stark focus, not as some Pentagon briefer would with his stack of PowerPoint slides but from the viewpoint of three very different men who for their own reasons put their lives on the line for freedom and the Kurds in Syria. As someone who has been on this ground and been in this fight, this is as real as it gets.”

- Sam Faddis, author of "The CIA War in Kurdistan"

"This first-hand account by combatants from the trenches, with all their grit, uncensored honesty and humanity, offers an unparalleled deeper insight into a conflict that few people really understood. The authors do a wonderful job of making the war against ISIS a detailed and very personal experience for the reader."

- David Romano, Thomas G. Strong Professor of Political Science, Missouri State University

"What makes America's War in Syria so critical to read is that neither Mideast experts nor many journalists were actually on the ground fighting ISIS and thus incapable of describing what truly went on during combat. A must-read, without reservation or qualification."


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