San Carlos to Stanley

San Carlos to Stanley

40 Commando in the Falklands War

Peter Jackson-Lee

San Carlos to Stanley tells 40 Commandos untold role in the Falklands with many personal accounts from the officers and men of 40 Commando including being stranded in a minefield for several hours and a daylight helicopter assault onto Argentine positions on Sapper Hill under heavy fire.
Date Published :
March 2022
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Helion and Company
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37 b/w photos
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781915070890
Pages : 240
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San Carlos to Stanley dispels the belief that 40 Commando just looked after the beachhead during the Falkland’s. Commadore Clapp requested the men of 40 Commando remain at San Carlos as he knew he could trust them to defend his anchorage and use his assets with intelligence as without this there would be no advance. Elements of 40 Commando was initially tasked to fly from RAF St Mawgan to Ascension Island and then to the Falkland’s via an RFA as tension heightened with Argentina. A Company, 40 Commando eventually left the UK onboard HMS Hermes ahead of the main task force.

San Carlos to Stanley has many personal accounts from officers and men of 40 Commando. The Ajax Bay and San Carlos bombing which resulted in numerous casualties including two fatalities at San Carlos. One from 40 Commando and one from 59 Ind Commando Engineers Squadron. After the Sir Tristram and Sir Galahad tragedy, A and C Companies, 40 Commando replaced the Welsh Guards losses and moved forward with the Welsh Guards. This composite unit of Royal Marines and Welsh Guards spent several hours in a minefield which resulted in two casualties for C Company. The composite unit was to have been the reserve force for Scots Guards attack Mount Tumbledown and the 1/7 Gurkhas attack on Mount William. Thankfully, this reserve unit was not required.

The following morning, men of 9 Troop and part of 8 Troop C Company 40 Commando were involved in the only daylight helicopter assault on an Argentine position on Sapper Hill which resulted in two men being injured. If the Argentines had not surrendered and all British movements stopped, C Company followed by A Company then the Welsh Guards would have been first to reach Stanley, but they were all told to hold their positions on Sapper Hill.

Following the surrender 40 Commando were actively involved in clearing West Falkland’s of a large Argentine force who had constantly threatened a counterattack on the beachhead. They found vast amounts of mines and ammunition as well as several uncharted minefields. Unfortunately, Cpl Trevor Lee lost his foot when a rogue landmine exploded in minefield covering the back of the beach.

About The Author

Peter is a former Royal Marine who served with 40 Commando during the Falklands, which was to be followed by a return trip to the Falkland’s and South Georgia in 1984 as part of a Royal Marines ships detachment. Following his nine years in the Royal Marines Peter embarked on a career in the building industry in both the public and private sector where Peter became the senior architectural technician and War Memorials Officer for a local council. During his career, Peter successfully designed several war memorials including one for Operation Frankton. Peter has previously written two engineering books on the Mersey Tunnels and his first military book, titled Courage After the Battle.

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