Neither Up Nor Down

The British Army and the Campaign in Flanders 1793-1795

Philip Ball

A military history of the 1793-95 campaign in Flanders and the Netherlands.
Date Published :
September 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
From Reason to Revolution
Illustration :
51 b/w illustrations, 32 b/w maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913118907
Pages : 432
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.75 inches
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Britain’s war against Revolutionary France is today a largely forgotten prelude to the Napoleonic Wars. The campaign in Flanders was Britain’s attempt to stem the power of the new republic as it threatened to engulf its neighbors, but it was to end in disaster. This is the first account of this intensive campaign written in modern times; chronicling the many battles as the varying fortunes of the combatants saw their armies march to and fro across the fields of Flanders. A weak and ill-equipped army led by the Duke of York struggled daily with the terrain and climate of the Low Countries as well as the competing aims of its allies and the unrealistic expectations of its government. This book details the numerous major battles of the campaign and the unraveling of the First Coalition using British, French and German sources.

About The Author

Philip Ball has a long standing interest in military history and worked for a number of years in museums, archaeology and the heritage industry. Holding degrees from St David's, Leicester and Birmingham Universities he wrote his Masters Dissertation on the failure of the Helder campaign and is currently researching British maritime operations in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.


"Ball has successfully provided a great a resource filled with important insights and fresh details that help to shine a light on this period in the French Revolutionary era."

- The Napoleon Series

"This book certainly offers most of the information a wargamer would need to recreate the Flanders Campaign and refight the principal battles on the tabletop and is recommended to those seeking a change from Peninsular and Waterloo refights."

- Miniature Wargames

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