Phoenix: A Complete History of the Luftwaffe 1918-1945

Volume 2 - The Genesis of Air Power 1935-1937

Richard Meredith

Date Published :
January 2018
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Helion and Company
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approx. 114 b/w photos, 7 maps, 10 charts
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781910777275
Pages : 924
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Based on forty years of detailed research, Phoenix – A Complete History of the Luftwaffe 1918–1945 is a unique history of the wartime German Luftwaffe. Going far beyond a simple description of famous air battles and operations, the overall work draws extensively on original documents, secondary sources and contemporary accounts to place the Luftwaffe within its proper historical context, gather together its many disparate components and provide a hitherto unpublished balance to its diverse activities.

In addition to the lead role of the combat air forces, the history provides a proper emphasis to the largely unsung work of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Luftwaffe ground forces, Signals Service and the Medical Services. It also examines in detail the vital work of the huge training organization, and the organization and role of a continent-wide ground organization.

All theaters are covered, thus placing a much needed emphasis on the Luftwaffe’s momentous struggle in the East, a theater of operations that was always more urgent and more vital to the Wehrmacht. Throughout this work Luftwaffe activities are set within the wider role of overall military operations and Luftwaffe activity is therefore placed back within its proper context in the overall European conflict.

Volume 2: The Genesis of Air Power 1935-1937 covers a still neglected area, namely the early years of post-Reichswehr development from March 1935. During this period the concept of operativer Luftkrieg was formalized, operational commands established, new units and bases created, new equipment introduced and the training of personnel expanded. Key studies include: the formation of the Flakartillerie, the Luftwaffe General Staff, Luftwaffe uniforms, the construction program of 1935–39, the development and production of new combat aircraft and weapons, flying training, the Luftwaffen-Reserve, the supply organization, the development of the Regiment General Goring and the remilitarization of the Rhineland. In addition the Luftwaffe’s involvement in Spain is considered in depth from initial operations by the German volunteers to the deployment of the Legion Condor in the battles around Madrid and on the Northern Front.

The structure of the Phoenix Project is unique. Five major themes run throughout the history’s constituent volumes – (A) Strategy and Command, (B) Ministerial Activity, (C) Technology and Production, (D) Infrastructure and Training, and (E) Operations. These divisions enable the reader to pursue particular areas of interest throughout the overall work or to look at the interrelationships between the various aspects of Luftwaffe activity.

About The Author

As a professional historical geographer with an all pervading interest in all things aeronautical, Richard Meredith brings a unique insight into the past realities of the wartime German Luftwaffe. Not only has he read about these aircraft and aviators, he


“Stunning photographs and a very readable commentary on this amazing concept. Not just a book for military enthusiasts, but also for students of foreign powers and their military endeavours. Stirring.”

- Books Monthly

“Anyone with an interest in the detail of the Second World War is going to find this book invaluable; the information contained within it is very comprehensive. As such, it comes highly recommended for anyone interested in the detail of the Luftwaffe. 4.5 stars.”

- Army Rumour Service

“The full set of these volumes promises to provide a definitive work of reference.”

- Aeroplane Magazine

“The historical research is immense with the full series a collation of forty years of research, a one for the history buffs that's for sure which will surely be regarded as the go-to encyclopaedia on the Luftwaffe.”

- Air Modeller

“Again, highly recommended and essential reading on the topic.”

- Flightpath Magazine

There is no doubt...that this is an impressive work and an incredibly valuable reference source, and I applaud the publisher wholeheartedly for doing those of us who are students of Luftwaffe history the good service of investing in its immensity.

- The Aviation Historian

"A useful resource for the model-maker or researcher is an explanation of aircraft tactical markings with drawings. Also diagrams of aircraft formations are included."

- Scale Military Modelling International Magazine

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