Lethality in Combat

A Study of the True Nature of Battle

Tom Lewis

Date Published :
March 2016
Publisher :
Big Sky Publishing
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b/w photos throughout
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ISBN : 9781921941511
Pages : 368
Dimensions : 7 X 4.5 inches
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Lethality in Combat shines a blazing light on the three most controversial aspects of military combat: the necessity of killing; the taking, or not, of prisoners; and the targeting of civilians. This book argues that when a nation-state sends its soldiers to fight, the state must accept the full implications of this, uncomfortable as they may be. Drawing on seven conflicts - the Boer War, World Wars I and II, and the wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Falklands and Iraq- the author considers these ethical issues.

About The Author

Dr Tom Lewis Originally working as a High School teacher, Dr Tom Lewis OAM served as an officer of the Royal Australian Navy where he saw active service in the Middle East. Tom has written nine other history books, with his most recent being Zero Hour in Broome, and Darwin’s Submarine I-124. In 2003 Tom was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for meritorious service to the Royal Australian Navy, particularly in the promotion of Australian naval history.

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