The Ethiopian-Adal War, 1529-1543

The Ethiopian-Adal War, 1529-1543

The Conquest of Abyssinia

Jeffrey M. Shaw

The Ethiopian-Adal War brings primary source material from the sixteenth century to contemporary readers. Arab, Portuguese, and Ethiopian sources bring this conflict to life.
Date Published :
August 2021
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Retinue to Regiment
Illustration :
14 color photos, 9 artworks, 12 maps, 2 tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781914059681
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 9.75 X 7 inches
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In 1529, an army from the Sultanate of Adal in modern-day Somalia invaded neighbouring Ethiopia. For the next fourteen years, the conflict ravaged Ethiopia, planting the seeds of enmity and mistrust in the Horn of Africa that resonates to this day.

The Ethiopian-Adal War: Conquest of Abyssinia brings sixteenth-century Arab, Portuguese, and Ethiopian primary source material from this conflict to contemporary readers for the first time in the English language in a single volume. Situating the conflict into the wider struggle for maritime supremacy between the Portuguese and Ottoman Empires, readers will have the chance to learn about a little-known conflict which nearly resulted in the subjugation of Christian Ethiopia at the hands of Imam Gurey, the Sultan of Adal. Included are maps of the conflict’s major battles, never before seen in any publication. Color images of the combatants and photographs of the Ethiopian landscape complete the account of this epic conflict.

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