The Indian Army in the First World War

New Perspectives

Alan Jeffreys

A reassessment of the role of the Indian Army during the First World War, showing its importance globally.
Date Published :
October 2022
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
War and Military Culture in South Asia, 1757-1947
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c 7 ills & 2 maps
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ISBN : 9781911512783
Pages : 314
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ISBN : 9781804510490
Pages : 314
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The book addresses the important global role of the Indian Army during the First World War. It is an academic reassessment of the army by both established and early career scholars of the Indian Army, as well as naval historians. It looks at the historiography of the army - taking into account the recent work on the army (particularly on the Western Front in 1914-1915). The edited volume covers the traditional areas of the Indian Army on the Western Front, in Palestine, Mesopotamia and the defense of the Suez Canal; however, there are also chapters on combined operations; Indian prisoners of war in Germany and Turkey; the expansion of the officer corps; and the Sikh experience, as well as the mobilization of the equine army at the beginning of the war and the demobilization of the army in the period from 1918 until 1923. Three additional chapters are related to the theme, such as the role of the Royal Indian Marine; the Territorial Army in India; and Churchill’s portrayal of the Indian Army during the Gallipoli campaign in his account The World Crisis.

About The Author

Alan Jeffreys is a curator at the Imperial War Museum and is an expert on tactics and training for jungle warfare and the British Army in the Far East during World War II.


“All chapters are firmly researched and fill gaps in both knowledge and the literature………An important contribution to the subject literature”

- SOFNAM Autumn 2018

"… an essential companion to the earlier volumes in the series"

- The Military Historical Society Bulletin

"Jeffreys will satisfy the more scholarly reader."

- Journal of Military History

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