The Passchendaele Campaign 1917

Andrew Rawson

Date Published :
October 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
16 images and 60 maps - plate section
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This is an account of the British Expeditionary Force’s battles in the summer and autumn of 1917. It begins with the Allied plan to free up the Flanders coast, to limit German naval and submarine attacks on British shipping.

The opening offensive began with the detonation of nineteen mines on 7 June and ended with the capture of the Messines Ridge. The main offensive started with success on 31 July but was soon bogged down due to the August rains. Three huge attacks between 20 September and 4 October had the Germans reeling, but again the weather intervened and the campaign concluded with futile attacks across the muddy slopes of the Passchendaele Ridge.

Each large battle and minor action is given equal treatment, giving a detailed insight into the most talked about side of the campaign, the British side. There are details on the planning of each offensive and the changing tactics used by both sides. There is discussion about how the infantry, the artillery, the cavalry, the engineers and Royal Flying Corps worked together. Over sixty new maps chart the day-by-day progress of each battle and action.

Together the narrative and maps provide an insight into the British Army’s experience during this important campaign. The men who made a difference are mentioned; those who led the advances, those who stopped the counterattacks and those who were awarded the Victoria Cross. Discover the Passchendaele campaign and learn how the British Army’s brave soldiers fought and died fighting for their objectives.

About The Author

Andrew Rawson is a freelance writer who has written over forty books covering many conflicts. They include eight books for Pen and Sword’s ‘Battleground Europe’ series and three reference books for The History Press’s ‘Handbook’ series. One covered all aspects of the British Army in the First World War. He has recently completed a ten part series on the British Expeditionary Force’s battles on the Western Front. He has a master’s history degree with Birmingham University.


"If you're looking for a good introduction to the battles in and around Ypres then look no further."

- A Wargamers Needful Things

"It is hard to believe that three years have almost passed since we began to remember in more detail than ever, thanks to the ever-growing library of amazing books from publishers like Pen and Sword, what happened during those fateful five years at the beginning of the 20th century. Now it's the turn of Passchendaele.I featured two books two months ago, now Pen and Sword have produced what is probably the definitive accountof this conflict..."

- Books Monthly

Superb overall account following the fortunes of the entire BEF through the Summer and Autumn of 1917. Highly commended. 10/10

- Mark Marsay, The Great War Magazine

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