Twelve Days on the Somme

A Memoir of the Trenches, 1916

Sidney Rogerson

Date Published :
July 2009
Publisher :
Frontline Books
Contributor(s) :
Malcolm Brown
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3 illustrations
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781784385941
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 7.9 X 5 inches
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A joint operation between Britain and France in 1916, the Battle of the Somme was an attempt to gain territory and dent Germany's military strength. By the end of the action, very little ground had been won: the Allied Forces had made just 12 km. For this slight gain, more than a million lives were lost. 

There were more than 400,000 British, 200,000 French, and 500,000 German casualties during the fighting. Twelve Days on the Somme is a memoir of the last spell of frontline duty performed by the 2nd Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment. 

Written by Sidney Rogerson, a young officer in B Company, it gives an extraordinarily frank and often moving account of what it was really like to fight through one of the most notorious battles of the First World War. 

Its special message, however, is that, contrary to received assumptions and the popular works of writers like Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, men could face up to the terrible ordeal such a battle presented with resilience, good humor and without loss of morale. 

This is a classic work whose reprinting is long overdue. This edition includes a new introduction by Malcolm Brown and a Foreword by Rogerson's son Commander Jeremy Rogerson.

About The Author

Sidney Rogerson was born in Suffolk in 1894. After World War I, he worked in public relations, first with the Federation of British Industries, and later with ICI. He died in 1968.

Malcolm Brown studied at St John’s College, Oxford. He spent his national service in the Royal Navy. He joined the BBC in 1955 and has been a documentary producer since 1980, specializing mainly in historical and biographical programs. He has worked on many programs including the landmark BBC documentary The Battle of the Somme. He died in December 2017.


"This book is a good, quick read and highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about what it was like to be a company commander in a British infantry battalion, even if for just a few days near the end of one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Great War."

- Roads to the Great War

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