The Lion of Round Top

The Life and Military Service of Brigadier General Strong Vincent in the American Civil War

Hans G Myers

The true savior of Little Round Top at Gettysburg was a 26-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer, who paid with his life to defend that hill. This is the story of Strong Vincent.
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May 2022
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Dr Frank P Varney
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636241111
Pages : 216
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The story of the true savior of Little Round Top at Gettysburg—a 26-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer, who paid with his life to defend that hill.

Citizen-soldier Strong Vincent was many things: Harvard graduate, lawyer, political speaker, descendent of pilgrims and religious refugees, husband, father, brother. But his greatest contribution to history is as the savior of the Federal left on the second day at Gettysburg, when he and his men held Little Round Top against overwhelming Confederate numbers. Forgotten by history in favor of his subordinate, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Vincent has faded into relative obscurity in the decades since his death.

This book restores Vincent to his rightful place among the heroes of the battle of Gettysburg: presenting his life story using new, never-before-published sources and archival material to bring the story of one of the most forgotten officers of the American Civil War back to the attention of readers and historians.

About The Author

Hans G. Myers is an historian from Erie, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania (Class of 2019) and the University of Indianapolis (2021), Myers served as the inaugural Gerald and Marjorie Morgan Graduate Student Assistant in History at the University of Indianapolis. He studies social and military history in the nineteenth-century United States.

Frank Varney earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University. He regularly leads student groups to Civil War battlefields and makes frequent speaking appearances before Civil War Roundtables and historical societies. Professor Varney is currently developing a course to be taught on-site at Gettysburg, and will do the same for a course on Chickamauga. He teaches U.S. and classical history at Dickinson State University of North Dakota, where he is also the director of the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program. This is his first book.


Introduction: The Vanishing of Vincent
The Strongs and The Vincents: Early Life, Education, and Courtship
January to August 1861: Lieutenant Vincent of "The Erie Regiment"
August 1861 to March 1862: The Eighty-Third Pennsylvania
Late March to September 1862: The Swamps of the Chickahominy
October 1862 to January 1863: Colonel Vincent
January to April 1863: "I enlisted to fight"
May to June 1863: "I wish he were a brigadier-general"
July 1, 1863: March to Mortality
July 2, 1863: The Lion of Round Top
July 3 to July 7, 1863: The Road to Immortality
The Path to Being Forgotten: The Legacy of Strong Vincent

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