US Battleships 1941–92

From Pearl Harbor to Operation Desert Storm

Ingo Bauernfeind

A fully illustrated overview of American battleships during World War II and the Cold War.
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October 2023
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Casemate Illustrated Special
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636242569
Pages : 240
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For nearly half a century, the battleship was the most powerful weapon on the ocean, deployed by the US Navy and many other fleets. However, their time seemed to be at an end when Japanese carrier-based aircraft destroyed so many at Pearl Harbor in 1941, ushering in the age of the aircraft carrier. Nevertheless, US battleships continued to serve with distinction in various roles throughout World War II and during the Cold War.

Naval historian Ingo Bauernfeind tells the dramatic yet successful story of the US Navy’s battleships and battle cruisers by class, ranging from the early Dreadnought-type of the South Carolina-class to the gigantic but never-built Montana-class. This fully illustrated volume gives a clear overview of each ship’s career, its fate and highlights its significance in American naval history.

Besides covering various battles in the Pacific, it also describes the important actions of US battleships providing shore bombardment during the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa as well as during the D-day landings in Normandy, thus illustrating their contribution to Allied victory in World War II. Moreover, it covers the little-known actions of the Iowa-class during the Korean and Vietnam wars and even during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when the modernized USS Missouri and USS Wisconsin fired guided missiles and operated drones in addition to the use of their historic 16-inch guns.

This volume culminates in a guided tour through the mighty USS Missouri, an overview of the other seven preserved US battleships serving as floating museums for future generations, as well as a dive to the sunken USS Arizona and USS Utah at Pearl Harbor.

About The Author

Ingo Bauernfeind studied military and naval history, visual communication, and documentary film at Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu. Ingo has completed 30 books about naval, military, and aviation history and has directed or co-produced award-winning documentaries in cooperation with German and American TV network, including films about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War. In addition, Ingo has been producing interactive museum guides for history and naval museums in Pearl Harbor and in Germany.


Preface: Captain Ken Jordan, last XO of the USS Missouri

Chapter 1 South Carolina-Class
Chapter 2 Delaware-Class
Chapter 3 Florida-Class
Chapter 4 Wyoming-Class
Chapter 5 Nevada-Class
Chapter 6 Pennsylvania-Class
Chapter 7 New Mexico-Class
Chapter 8 Tennessee-Class
Chapter 9 Colorado-Class
Chapter 10 South Dakota-Class
Chapter 11 North Carolina-Class
Chapter 12 South Dakota-Class
Chapter 13 Iowa-Class
Chapter 14 Montana-Class
Chapter 15 Alaska-Class Battlecruisers
Chapter 16 December 7, 1941 Twilight in Pearl Harbor
Chapter 17 Battleships in Action in WWII
Chapter 18 September 2, 1945 the War’s End in Tokyo Bay
Chapter 19 US Battleships in the Nuclear Age
Chapter 22 US Battleships in Museums
Chapter 22 Sunken Warriors
Chapter 23 How a Battleship Works
Chapter 24 USS Missouri A Guided Tour


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