A Father’s Wartime Escape. A Son’s Family Discovered

Tom McGrath

The true story of a son who discovered the unspoken truths of his parents lives after their deaths, including the incredible story of his father's escape from a prisoner-of-war camp in Poland and his daring journey across Europe in a bid for freedom.
Date Published :
May 2022
Publisher :
Gill Books
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9780717192540
Pages : 320
Dimensions : 9.2 X 6 inches
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‘A triumph of family story-telling’ - Hugo Hamilton, author of The Pages.

A tale of three journeys, the final one a successful pursuit of shadows’ - Myles Dungan

Growing up in Waterford, Tom McGrath never noticed the odd gaps in the stories of his parents’ lives before he was born; it was only many years after they died that he uncovered the unspoken truths, which did so much to explain the people they had been.

Here he tells the incredible true story of his father’s conscription into the British Army, his escape from a prisoner-of-war camp in Poland, his daring journey across Europe and subsequent recapture – and the devastating news that awaited him in England. Tom’s research also led him to discover that his mother also carried a heartbreaking secret.

In writing this book, Tom not only recreated his father’s nail-biting escape but also embarked on a journey of his own to reconnect with previously unknown family members. Unspoken pieces together an extraordinarily rare tale that encompasses memoir, family history, and two parallel stories that were almost lost for ever.

About The Author

Tom McGrath was born in Cork City and brought up in Waterford. He is a retired solicitor, and he continues to practise as a notary public. Tom is married with two adult children and four grandchildren. Unspoken, which was written following years of painstaking detective work and research, is his first book.